Products and Services

           At the Price Club they are always committed to excellence. The grocery provides well stocked lanes, are equipped with the best cold storage freezers for frozen foods, vegetable section and meat section. The well-stocked lanes provides a variety of canned goods, cereals, legumes, spices, snacks, beverages, cleaning products, gift items, religious items and lots more.

        Their wide spacious aisles provide you with an extremely convenient and comfortable shopping experience. The level of cleanliness that is being maintained by the company is absolutely obvious in all areas of the grocery from its warehouse to its main floor to its meat room. The main shopping area is equipped with nineteen (19) checkout counters for your convenience.

          Their personal Care/Over The Counter area is well stocked with all the well-known brands. Their friendly staff is always willing to assist you with any questions /doubts you may have with regards to selecting the product that is right for you.

 The well-stocked Meat Counter offers a wide selection of  chicken, goat, lamb, duck, beef and sea food which are either minced or cut to suit as required by you. We also provide seasoned meat for your convenience ready to cook at home.

    Their recently extended Household Department is stocked with essential items for everyday use from your daily dinning, cutlery and cooking utensils; but also provides you with a selection of exquisite dinning essentials. Recently added to this department is an array of items to furnish your homes from kitchen to living room to the outdoor patio area; items specially selected to suit every budget, taste and style.


We also implemented a new specialized service for your convenience... PATIO FLORIST!

Fully customizable flower arrangements for any occasion.



Our Home & Garden section. With the demand for Garden products increasing, we will continue to source and stock the quality brands and products you require to beautify your homes and surroundings.


The Price Club has always prided itself in providing ample and secured on-site parking for its customers throughout the year and especially during the peak periods of month end, Back-to School, Divali , Eid and Christmas.